Fundraising is one aspect of CCR that an underage person can participate in.


When we put out a call asking if people will come out and help us set up or run a fundraiser, we are relieved when people say they will come out to pitch in – and are even more relieved when they actually do turn up! Please watch our Facebook page or events section on this website for requests for helpers that we put out for fundraisers.


We are open to hearing suggestions for fundraising events - but please do not tell us your great idea that needs ten people to work at it full-time for weeks if you are not prepared to be one of them.



To have someone spearhead a fundraiser would truly be a gift to us. The trustees are so busy, year-round, doing cat work that never seems to end that they struggle to find the time and energy to lead fundraisers. A highly efficient leader offering to run the show and organize other volunteers and put on an event would be a massive help to us – much more so than someone simply telling us what kind of fundraising we should do.


If someone wants to do any sort of fundraiser for us, such as a bottle drive, a bake sale, a car wash, or any event they fancy, we would be thrilled with that. Large scale or small, we would be delighted at the initiative.


If you have the initiative to spearhead a fundraiser for us, please email us and tell us about your plan.