Before you adopt


It is our hope that every person who wants to have a cat will understand the cost that responsible cat ownership entails. An ability to buy food for a cat is not the same thing as an ability to pay for its spay/neuter, regular vaccinations, parasite treatments, inevitable health care costs as the cat ages, and unexpected health care costs from accident, injury, or disease. We wish that every person contemplating becoming a cat owner would research these costs by talking to a veterinarian. It is also our hope that any person who does not have the financial means to cover all of the expenses that responsible cat ownership entails refrain from becoming a cat owner.


If someone cannot afford our adoption fee, then they cannot afford to get a free kitten from somewhere and get it spayed or neutered; our adoption fee is less than  HALF what someone would pay to get a cat spayed and given its first shots.


It is also our hope that, before adoption, careful consideration be given to the long-term commitment of cat ownership. A cat can live for 20 years, and during that time its needs may not change very much, but a person’s needs very well might. Before adoption occurs, the implications regarding living arrangements (e.g. the need for pet-friendly tenancies) and succession planning should be thought out in addition to the financial impact of cat ownership.