Lost cat

It is so important to keep the vet who has your cat’s tattoo on file updated if your cat has a change of address (if you move or if the cat is re-homed). A cat getting lost is an occasion that really underscores the importance of the tattoo having current information. The contact details linked to the tattoo must stay current for the vet to be able to broker the happy reunion of a lost cat with its family.


We often hear from people who have lost their pet cat. Please visit the following website for comprehensive advice on what to do when a cat has gone missing:



In the Cowichan Valley, the owner of the missing pet should report its disappearance to:


  • SPCA – Cowichan and District branch;
  • Coastal Animal Services;
  • the local vet practices;
  • and especially the vet who has the cat’s tattoo number on file.
  •       FLEC Website (find lost escaped cats) on Facebook


The owner of a cat that is lost in our area can also email us a picture of the cat and details of the disappearance, and we can post on our facebook page for the public to be watchful for the missing cat and to know who they should contact if they spot the cat.


The owner can also post about the cat's disappearance on various websites such as:


Find Lost and Escaped Cats (FLEC)