Adopt our tame cats / kittens


 We host  weekly kitten meet-and-greets  when kits are available. These events are always well advertised  on our Facebook page.


Our adoption fee is $250. Prior to going up for adoption, all of our kittens and cats have been spayed or neutered, tattooed, vaccinated (first shots only), treated for parasites, and health checked. In the interest of safety we don't adopt very  young kittens out to families with children under five years of age , if kids are under 5 then kit ten must be at least 5 months old, CCR does a home visit prior to adoption approval. Once an application has been submitted you will be contacted to make  home visit arrangements.


We do not pre-adopt kittens. Kittens who are in foster care are entirely unavailable until they graduate the foster care program, and no reservation can be placed on a kitten. The simplest reason for this policy is that sad things can happen unexpectedly – remember, many kittens arrive to us quite poorly – and that sadness needs to be contained within our foster care system and not extend to a family expectant of a particular kitten.

Occasionally we have kittens who have special needs and cannot be adopted out through our public events. Sometimes it is a health issue but more often it is a kitten who is just a bit too shy to be comfortable with all the bustle of our adoption events. These kittens are often adopted out directly from their foster homes and are advertised online.


All of the kittens and cats that are currently up for direct adoption from our foster homes can be seen on our page at and



When we have an adult cat up for adoption,  it is usually found a home through direct adoption from the foster home via an online ad.


All of our kittens and cats advertised online can be seen at and  

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