Foundling kitten policy


When a person surrenders a kitten to CCR, it becomes CCR’s property and CCR will make all decisions regarding it, including who will eventually adopt it. CCR does not promise that the person who found the kitten can adopt it back later.


What CCR might do, if the finder had expressed interest in adopting the kitten, is offer to notify the finder when the kitten is ready to go up for adoption so that they can have the first opportunity to adopt it - for the normal fee - before it goes to the pet store, if a trustee thinks the adoption would be suitable. But to be clear, CCR is not bound to do this.


So, when a person finds a kitten and she contacts CCR about it, there are two tracks that the kitten can take: the kitten is either surrendered to the CCR foster program where we will do our best to care for it using our expertise and will cover its medical costs, which at the very least will be for a spay or neuter and vaccinations; or the kitten doesn’t enter CCR, and the finder bears responsibility for caring for the kitten and covering its medical costs. There is no overlap between these two tracks.


We are always delighted when someone tries to help a foundling kitten. If a person suddenly finds herself in possession of a kitten and needs help, she is welcome to contact us. We can advise the kitten finder to consult our page titled Seen feral kittens? Act! , to consult our page titled Kitten care, to consult a veterinarian, and to surrender the kitten to a rescue organization if it turns out that the needs of the kitten exceed the amount of care that the finder can offer it.