Thrifty Foods’s Smile Card Program

Do you ever shop at Thrifty Foods (any location)? Would you like to help Cowichan Cat Rescue raise money at no cost to yourself?

CCR is enrolled in Thrifty Foods's smile card program and has been allotted a supply of smile cards to distribute. If you get one of our smile cards, every time you use it to make a purchase at any Thrifty Foods store, they will donate 5% of the cost to us. Your groceries do not cost you any extra; the money comes out of Thrifty’s pocket. You load however much money you like onto your smile card, and then use it to pay for your groceries. You can even load money onto the smile card right at the cashier - but before your groceries are rung through - and then use it a moment later to pay for them.  

The cards can be re-loaded and re-used over and over. This year we can earn up to $2000 through the program, and if we reach that limit, maybe it will be increased for next year. It’s a valuable fundraiser for us, an easy way for people to support our work, and it earns Thrifty Foods a good name in the community.

Request one of our smile cards by emailing and providing your name, phone number, email address, and mailing address, and we will mail one to you. Should you ever lose your smile card, let us know right away so we can get you a replacement and have the old one voided so that you don’t lose the balance on it.